Friday, 3 April 2015

Lake District, Gorge walking stag party, Church Beck in big water 2015

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Busy Busy Busy, January into February 2015

Most people will know that in the Adventure activities industry it tend's to be busy during the main months March to November and then we get lots of free time to do the important yet a little mundane job's, checking kit, re kitting the stores etc

January 2015 has been a little different than past years, with people wanting to get into the outdoors earlier. We have had the best January to date with Stag and Hen bookings exceeding our expectations and Corporate team building events doubling for the time of year.

It's great to see people taking advantage of the good weather. Although its been cold, we have had some blue sky days. Wrap up warm and this make for a great day out.

The evenings are getting lighter which allows us to extend our sessions where need be. Recently we worked with Network Rail and with the longer days we were able to work into the early evening for them.

The Network Rail team enjoyed a two day team building event with us, they took part in orienteeringOpen canoeingpaintball games and raft building as part of their 6 monthly training program.

Its always great to see companies work hard together to create a better team and The Network Rail team did exactly that.

As a team, the Adventure 21 staff have been out and about this month as well. This time it was our 3 yearly First Aid up date course.

This year was a little different as we ran the course in the sheep shed at Wilcocks Farm and Caravan Site. Our course was run once again by Chris Brain who we have used for the past few years.

Its a great course and well worth doing. First aid is a part of everyday life and should be on the top of everyone's list....go get yourself booked on or we could get a course together for you!

This month we also had a group of chaps abseiling at Hodge Close Quary near Coniston. These fella's were a pleasure to work with.

They have been meeting in Coniston for the past 30 plus years and take part in some activities every year. It was great to be chosen as the activities provider for their 2015 trip and hopefully they will come to us again in 2016.

They even dressed Dave up at the end of the session and i am sure you will agree he looks like he has lost some weight!!!!! enjoy

So whats happening in February? well its more staff training on the White Water Safety and Rescue two day course and lots more groups! if you have any questions please get in touch, all the best, the Adventure 21 team.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

January 2015

Well i feel apologies are needed for those who follow our Blog. Last year went in a flash and with trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter and Adventure 21 we seem to have neglected our blog.

So in 2015 we will try to do better and keep you informed of whats going on month to month at Adventure 21.

Some people ask what we do when we are not out doing Adventure activities. Well in short, everyone needs a hobby and mine is Chickens and Farming. I'm lucky to have friends who own and run Wilcocks farm and caravan site.

Adventure 21 have used the farm as a base for ArcheryRifle shooting and Team building events so we have been friends for some time and a couple of years ago i started looking for a new hobby outside of the usual Adventure activities. I had been helping out on the farm for some year's, coming in to help with lambing at busy times, so the farm seemed a good place to start.

Far left, Harvey from Adventure 21, Middle Farmer Dave and far right grumpy Johnny from Adventure 21 helping packing fleece's during the sheep shearing.

One of the areas which started to interest me was the hen's. Having never had any experience around poultry it was all new and just by chance a friend of mine, John, in Coniston, in the Lake District had just hatched out some Silkies and was selling an Brinsea incubator. Along with some egg's i received from a friend at the farm i hatched my first eggs in September 2013.

Four white Silkie cockerels and one little black Silkie
Things have now grown and i have become a little addicted to the hens. We have over 40 mixed breads who all life happily together, most of the time!

This is me with Little Mo, a Well-summer bantam who  was the only one out of a batch of eggs.
Daisy the yew is more than happy sharing food with the hen's

The farm is a total contrast to the Adventure Activities but its a great way to relax after a few days of climbing up hills or jumping of cliff's, which although great fun, is hard graft.

Four of my Silkies with two Bearded Silkies that we adopted

A pet lamb with my hat on.

Ok so next month we will be back on to Adventure and whats been happening at Adventure 21. Unless that is, you have enjoyed the insight into our free time.