Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Coniston Old Man from Torver
Well there's a chill in the air now we are into November, good to see the clear Sky's are back though. Work is still coming in so it looks like its going to be a great Autumn and Winter.

The Instructors don't know whats hit them....still working and its November, usually they are on Holiday or sleeping!

One group we don't mention much but are a big part of Adventure 21 life are the staff at Coniston Boating Centre. We work closely with the Boating Centre staff and this year some of them went out for a climb with Aaron and Harvey after work.

Apparently it was a great evening apart from the midges. Maybe more fun next year with some bigger climbs???

Its not all work though, here are Pete and Will in training for a junior Triathlon. Good look boys, your in good form.

Its great to see some bigger groups taking advantage of the clear days. This ATC group came to us last week for some abseiling and gorge scrambling. All had a great time and left some really positive comments on our face book group which is always nice.

Looking forward to getting them back to us next year, this time maybe in the summer lol.

 Well its been a great year so far thanks to a great team of instructors, well done and thank you all. Keep an eye open for more Adventure 21 news coming soon, all the best, Dave

Thursday, 25 October 2012

September and October at Adventure 21

September and October at Adventure 21

Summer has been and gone, or has it? after a wet summer it looks like the weather is clearing up and drying out for the Autumn. Just in time for the Team Building Season! 

Blindfold square with GMP
Over the past few years the uptake for Team Building events and away days has been a little slow due to money being tight. Things are now on the up though and with Adventure 21 offering some great deals on team building events. 

Crates crossing with Places for People

We have also updated our site at P.A.C.E Training Consultants this is the team building arm of Adventure 21 ltd and was set up with the sole intention of providing affordable fun team building events and away days for business, rugby clubs, football clubs and youth groups.

Archery during a team building exercise in The Lake District
Don't forget our team building days are not just for work. We have a lot of groups who choose to do team building days for fun days out. We have a purpose set orienteering course in Coniston which take in both the fells to the West and the Lake to the East. Its a great day out which is done on foot or by bike and then by canoe or kayak on Coniston Water.

Doodles Nursery staff from Chorley on the water based orienteering course
Its a great way to get out with family and friends for a fun day out with a little bit of competition, you can even win our special Adventure 21 medals!

GMP medal ceremony
Don't forget we work all year round and have activities to suit all ages and abilities. With the weather getting a little colder there is nothing like rapping up warm and getting outdoors for some adventure activities. Whether its in the Lake District or in the Lancashire / Manchester areas we have activities going on right through Autumn, Winter and Spring so don't feel you need to stay indoors.

Youth group enjoying the raft building on Coniston Water last month
Well that's it again for now, you can catch up on our regular goings on on our FACEBOOK page, if your not with us, join now for some great deals at very reduced rates. See you all soon, Dave

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

July & August at Adventure 21

Apologies for the long delay in getting our blog written, July, August and the beginning of September have been a really busy time for the Adventure 21 team.

I am still in charge of the office at the minute as Lisa is still on maternity leave and the good news is that baby Sol is doing well and is already in training to be an Adventure 21 instructor, well you need to start them early really don't you.

Summer Holidays

Family bush craft day
The weather over the summer didn't break any records...well maybe for the amount of rain and the number of dull days. Even so our customers came out to play and all had a great time. The feeling of "well if its wet, we may as well do something in the wet" has never been so strong.

Gorge scrambling during the summer holidays in Coniston, Lake District
This summer we have seen a big increase in the number of customers who are coming back to us year on year. Its great to start as customers and go away as friends which is what we like at Adventure 21, its one big family. Come and find out.

Sit on top kayaks on Coniston Water
As we move into Autumn it looks like the weather is going to improve so why not come and visit us. We still have plenty going on all year round. The views at the minute are fantastic as well, especially in the mornings.

Aaron kitting up Graham Ballard
During a recent sponsored abseil we had the pleasure of meeting Graham Ballard 100 metre sprint silver medal winner. He was great to talk to and let us all wear his medal. A proud moment for the Adventure 21 instructors.

All ages took part in the day and raised money for the church roof fund. Its a great way to help with local causes.

Even the young spectators enjoyed to abseil when mum came down.

Adventure 21 run many sponsored events through the year, if you need any help or advice on this please get in touch with us.

Well hopefully with the season getting a little bit quieter i may get time to keep you updated about whats going on behind the schemes at Adventure 21, take care and see you all soon, cheers Dave

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June 2012

Well i spoke too soon about the sun being here.....its rained ever since or feels like it has! well whats been going on in the Adventure 21 world, where do we start.

Paul Bowes sorting kit
Theres been a lot of sessions so a lot of kit has been out meaning our man in the Lakes Paul Bowes has been  training new staff how we / he likes the kit going away. As with all our kit the water proofs and safety gear is checked and cleaned regular and then put away in the same way for the next session. I dare anyone to try to do it any other way when Paul's around.

Phils house doubling as the office!

This is a picture of me not looking too happy with things...the reason being Lisa Stewart our projects manager has now gone off to have a baby, although we wish the three of them all the best, i hope she hurries back as i'm not suited to indoor life.

With Joshua Charnley Wigan Warriors, filming for the rugby league, super league show.
I'm still getting out seeing the instructors off on their sessions and seeing them back in but its no fun really. Not long though...come back Lisa!

As always we try to improve our sessions and venues. We have now moved our Coniston Archery right next to the Lake which makes those full days activities run smoother with no travelling once the customers arrive with us. We recently did some archery set up training with new assistants and instructors to keep them current on H & S issues and best practise.

Its real gold!
For summer 2012 we've put the A Team back together, its was great to see some of the old team back last week for our final big weekend in June.

Well not much more to say other than its busy busy busy into the final weeks of the school term and then its Summer Holidays time, keep looking to see what we have on at Adventure 21

Thursday, 24 May 2012

May and the Sun is finally here

The sun is shining and hopefully it will stay around for a while. Things have been very busy at the Adventure 21 camp! lots of groups and lots of happy customers posting their comments on both our comments page on our website and also on our FACEBOOK page.

Burnley FC
Last week we worked with some of the managers and coaches from Burnley football club. They asked for some orienteering with a competitive slant which is what we gave them. As with football there are the top scorers and those that don't score too high. Th medals and the smiles give away the winning team. They were so happy with the day that the whole team are coming back to us in June, catch up with the details on our next blog.

Hen parties in the Lake District
This year we have seen a big increase in the number of hen parties join us at Adventure 21 its good to see the girls giving the lad's a run for their money.

Team challenge hen party navigating
We have had hen parties on team challenge days including orienteering, abseiling, raft building and archery.

Hen party abseiling in the Lake District
If you know of anyone wanting something different for their hen party get them to give us a call.

Another winning team
Bush craft has been another activity that is a big hit this year, lots of sessions for basic courses and days and even some groups trying their hand at skinning and gutting food for their meals.

Correct saw technique
Bushcraft in the Lake District is a great way to get the family together doing an activity that you can all join in with. Come and try it.

Making pegs
Well that's its for now for May, will try and keep you informed of the goings on at Adventure 21 but keep an eye open for updates on our face book group. Have a great May and June.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

April activities

As per usual Ive been busy and the blog has had to take a back seat, I'm keeping up with our FACEBOOK group though which is proving popular and is a great source of info for present and future customers. We add all photos from sessions onto it along with up coming sessions at reduced rates for FACEBOOK friends and friends of friends, so if your not on it please join up and get your friends involved!

Head under the waterfall in Church Beck, Coniston, Lake District, Cumbria
Bookings are coming in thick and fast again with Saturdays being the most popular days and as usual gorge scrambling and canyoning being the most popular activities. This years gorge and canyoning sessions started early...we did warn customers how cold it would be but there has been no stopping them.

Its cold but fun gorge scrambling in the Lake District.
Adventure 21 has said goodbye to some old staff who will be missed and that have moved on to other things but has been able to say hello to new staff and welcome back some old faces.

Assistant instructor Dan
Dan Nightingale (pictured above) started out as one of our customers who enjoyed it so much he came along voluntary to help on sessions. Over time he got himself kitted out and last month completed his swift Water Rescue Training. He's now on our free lance assistant Instructor list and is working most weekends. His ongoing sessions and training will hopefully see him signed off to run group sessions on his own.

Paul (Chopper) Harris and Ryan Buckley are back with Adventure 21 this year. Although both are still working at Rock Over climbing wall in Manchester, they have been missing the fresh air and fun. Its great to have them back in the family.

Paintballing in the Lake District, Cumbria
Adventure 21's Paint ball is booking up well for 2012, we now have two sites, one in Torver in the Lake District near to Coniston and another near Blackburn, Lancashire. We are still keeping it small and personal for groups of up to 30. We are still one of the cheapest in both Lancashire and the Lake District.

Well its been another short and sweet blog session, hope you will keep in touch and maybe we will see you on session soon.

All the best Dave

Monday, 19 March 2012

March fun

The stag gets dressed up for the raft building

Well the season has really kicked off in style this year at Adventure 21 we have already had some great sessions and the hen parties and stag party  groups are coming in thick and fast enjoying some great adventure activities in both the Lake District and in Lancashire and Manchester areas.

raft building stag party
It's great to see the weather improving although you wouldn't think so from the pictures above. It is getting better honest! and the water in the gorge below is getting a lot that isn't true at all!

We have some great activities planned that you can come and join in with which can be found on our future events pages on our website. Its a great way to try out something new.

Well if we can do anything for you please get in touch through our website have a great start to spring, all the best, Dave

Wednesday, 29 February 2012



Instructor / Future Instructor Training with Adventure 21

March is a great time of the year to get some refresher training done and there is nothing better than getting wet in the gorges around the Lake District.

Swimming in a safe stopper

The first thing we have planned is a White Water Safety and Rescue course which enables instructors working for Adventure 21 to run sessions in site specific gorges.

Ash talking the group through a Tyrolean set up 

The WWSR course is a fantastic course that involves throwing yourself and others into fast moving water and being rescued! its both fun and informative. A must for anyone involved in taking groups near moving water or even just to get valuable experience around water. (its not just for instructors!)

Raft pin release training
The course covers lots of area's including gorges, river rescue, raft rescue plus canoe and kayak rescues.

There are still places left for this course at £150.00 per person for two day so email us at if you fancy coming along.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Busy into January and February 2012

Busy busy busy, that's how we like it, lots of people coming back to us this year and lots of new customers.

I looked through the calendar for this time last year and we are way in front and bookings are now confirmed and deposits paid up through March to July which is great news for us and the bank of freelance instructors.

We have some old faces back this year, when i say old i don't really mean old, just that we haven't seen them for a while.

John, organizing a tug of war
John Kennedy is back with us this year after time off looking after his young daughter. She's now at school, so John has found time to come back and join the Adventure 21 team. John's a great laugh and has been in the game for many years and has bags of experience so fits in well with the team.

School and youth group activity trips

Although schools funding has been reduced over the past few years, we have tried to be competitive with our prices where possible to enable groups to still enjoy adventure activity trips with us.

Team building Blackburn, Lancashire

Keeping activities local and in school is proving to benefit youth groups, keeping the costs of travel down. We have some great new venues in the Lancashire areas for activities and our new paint ball site in Blackburn is running well and being enjoyed by school and youth groups alike.

Paint balling youth group trip Blackburn Lancashire
Well its a short write up this time but watch this space for more info coming soon, all the best Dave