Thursday, 24 May 2012

May and the Sun is finally here

The sun is shining and hopefully it will stay around for a while. Things have been very busy at the Adventure 21 camp! lots of groups and lots of happy customers posting their comments on both our comments page on our website and also on our FACEBOOK page.

Burnley FC
Last week we worked with some of the managers and coaches from Burnley football club. They asked for some orienteering with a competitive slant which is what we gave them. As with football there are the top scorers and those that don't score too high. Th medals and the smiles give away the winning team. They were so happy with the day that the whole team are coming back to us in June, catch up with the details on our next blog.

Hen parties in the Lake District
This year we have seen a big increase in the number of hen parties join us at Adventure 21 its good to see the girls giving the lad's a run for their money.

Team challenge hen party navigating
We have had hen parties on team challenge days including orienteering, abseiling, raft building and archery.

Hen party abseiling in the Lake District
If you know of anyone wanting something different for their hen party get them to give us a call.

Another winning team
Bush craft has been another activity that is a big hit this year, lots of sessions for basic courses and days and even some groups trying their hand at skinning and gutting food for their meals.

Correct saw technique
Bushcraft in the Lake District is a great way to get the family together doing an activity that you can all join in with. Come and try it.

Making pegs
Well that's its for now for May, will try and keep you informed of the goings on at Adventure 21 but keep an eye open for updates on our face book group. Have a great May and June.