Wednesday, 4 July 2012

June 2012

Well i spoke too soon about the sun being here.....its rained ever since or feels like it has! well whats been going on in the Adventure 21 world, where do we start.

Paul Bowes sorting kit
Theres been a lot of sessions so a lot of kit has been out meaning our man in the Lakes Paul Bowes has been  training new staff how we / he likes the kit going away. As with all our kit the water proofs and safety gear is checked and cleaned regular and then put away in the same way for the next session. I dare anyone to try to do it any other way when Paul's around.

Phils house doubling as the office!

This is a picture of me not looking too happy with things...the reason being Lisa Stewart our projects manager has now gone off to have a baby, although we wish the three of them all the best, i hope she hurries back as i'm not suited to indoor life.

With Joshua Charnley Wigan Warriors, filming for the rugby league, super league show.
I'm still getting out seeing the instructors off on their sessions and seeing them back in but its no fun really. Not long though...come back Lisa!

As always we try to improve our sessions and venues. We have now moved our Coniston Archery right next to the Lake which makes those full days activities run smoother with no travelling once the customers arrive with us. We recently did some archery set up training with new assistants and instructors to keep them current on H & S issues and best practise.

Its real gold!
For summer 2012 we've put the A Team back together, its was great to see some of the old team back last week for our final big weekend in June.

Well not much more to say other than its busy busy busy into the final weeks of the school term and then its Summer Holidays time, keep looking to see what we have on at Adventure 21