Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Its been a while!

Well what can i say...its been so busy this year so far its been difficult to keep up with all the social media information. Something has to suffer and its unfortunately had to be our blog!

Our Facebook group continues to be a great source of conversation and enables us to send pictures out to our customers and lets them tell us how we are doing!

We have had some great new friends join us on our activities sessions and birthday parties and stag and hen days are on the increase meaning people are staying at home more than going abroad, this can only be good for the economy.

we cater for all sizes of stag groups on paintball
We have also recently joined Trip Advisor which is giving us great feedback and hopefully help with bookings in the future.

Raft building team building days
We can't complain about the weather either, already on week two of sunshine, if we can have a few more weeks of this before winter we will all be very happy.

A hot day in the Esk gorge
Well its a short one this time but i will have to get back out in this sunshine working....enjoy the weather!