Monday, 20 June 2011

Whats been happening in June 2011

Well Ive managed to get to our blog before the end of the month this time. Again its been busy busy busy so nothing new there really. We have taken on some new staff again in the past few months and some instructors have been on induction training to increase their earning potential. Aaron is running a lot of the paintballing sessions and with his military background and funny personality he's making the sessions a really enjoyable fun experience.

Taking pictures of the clients after a recent paint ball session

Aaron is also training up in the gorge, after assisting in gorge and canyoning sessions over the past 12 months he decided he wanted to look at leading groups. Last Saturday saw him taking his first lead instructor role, assisted and overlooked by myself. To be honest i wasn't really needed and when he gains his SPA (Single Pitch Award) in climbing and a white water safety and rescue course he will be able to lead groups in both Church Beck in Coniston and the Esk over in Eskdale. Well done to Aaron for his efforts so far.

Explaining whats about to happen in a canyoning session

His fun outlook on life puts people at ease and his background in group safety ensures you will be looked after on sessions with him. He has been running archery and rifle shooting sessions for us for quite a while now and so it wasn't going to be long before he got the pull towards more extreme, wet activities.

Aaron shows us the rule book
Paint balling at our Torver site continues to grow and develop, new games and new ideas in the game zones are happening weekly. This weeks addition is to "cheese Burger Hill", we have added 6 trip wire land mines to the area in front of the hill top battle defences. If any get triggered all the team have to get the "man down" out of the battle area safe and then return to take the Flag.

Trip wires avoided and flag captured
As we have mentioned before, we see ourselves as offering a more personal service to our customers. Everyone who have been with us so far have said how relaxed the sessions are whilst keeping it safe. You come to us for a fun time, not to be told off, that aside if i catch anyone with their mask up or off i will beat you with a whippy stick lol

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Well that's all for now, check us out on FACEBOOK for some really great deals this month, i'm giving stuff away, well cheap anyway!. Dave

Thursday, 2 June 2011

may / June 2011

Dave and Aaron sheltering from the rain
Well its happened again....where did May go? i had my birthday in May and a family holiday in Wales which was wet, windy and mainly cold, but we still managed to get into the sea. Work on the other hand has been manic! luckily we have Lisa in the office to answer customers e-mails every day when i'm out working.

Website session, archery and rifle shooting May 2011
 We have increased our website sessions this year to keep up with the demand for individuals and smaller groups wanting to take part in the adventure activities we offer. Our web days are an ideal way to try out something new and they are great as a present with a difference. Why not have a look whats offer on our future events pages and if you book from here we will give you a 10% discount just follow the link below.

Archery set up at Brockhole visitor centre 2010
 For the 3rd year running we have been invited back to run a range of activities for the Lake District National Park Authority, archery, bush craft and raft building will be run throughout the summer so if you fancy trying something different contact the visitor centre in 01539446601

A hen party raft building in May on Coniston Water in the Lake District
Hen parties seem to be on the increase, it looks like the ladies are choosing to do something a little more challenging this year although i do fancy a bit of pampering myself! maybe times are changing???

Our paintball site continues to get better and the feedback is great, its proving to be a great extra activity that Adventure 21 can offer. We now have 6 game zones set up in a woodland setting and probably the only railway cutting for ambush scenarios in the country. Its well worth a look and if anyone want to hire it for tournaments we are happy to discuss it, so get in touch.

Well that's it for now, apologies for not putting more on but work commitments mean its a bit difficult. have a great June and keep in touch, cheers Dave