Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Coniston Old Man from Torver
Well there's a chill in the air now we are into November, good to see the clear Sky's are back though. Work is still coming in so it looks like its going to be a great Autumn and Winter.

The Instructors don't know whats hit them....still working and its November, usually they are on Holiday or sleeping!

One group we don't mention much but are a big part of Adventure 21 life are the staff at Coniston Boating Centre. We work closely with the Boating Centre staff and this year some of them went out for a climb with Aaron and Harvey after work.

Apparently it was a great evening apart from the midges. Maybe more fun next year with some bigger climbs???

Its not all work though, here are Pete and Will in training for a junior Triathlon. Good look boys, your in good form.

Its great to see some bigger groups taking advantage of the clear days. This ATC group came to us last week for some abseiling and gorge scrambling. All had a great time and left some really positive comments on our face book group which is always nice.

Looking forward to getting them back to us next year, this time maybe in the summer lol.

 Well its been a great year so far thanks to a great team of instructors, well done and thank you all. Keep an eye open for more Adventure 21 news coming soon, all the best, Dave