Friday 26 February 2021



Time, where does it go? this blog was started in 2017 and saved as a draft. Other things took over and almost four years later here I am finishing it, not knowing whether anyone will read it or not. 

As a company we are still here, the past four years have been up and down, but by the end of 2019 we were on the up with regards to bookings. 

So what's new? well the best way I recon is to work backwards. Quackers the disabled, one legged duck who has taken over our life since joining our family in 2016, has just yesterday (Wednesday 24th February 2021) had her first children's book published on Amazon Books. I (David T Firth director of Adventure21 ltd) have now apparently become a published author, which wasn't planned but that takes us forward to Covid19 and a world wide lockdown that saw Quackers and myself living in an off grid cabin built from 90% recycled materials. 

The cabin, which we started in January 2016, became liveable just as the March lockdown date hit. We had initially planned a two week off grid stint for around May time 2020 as a sort of short project, but this soon turned into something longer and as the weeks turned into months, Quackers and myself relaxed into off grid living. A book about Quackers adventures was always on the cards but the lockdown gave us the ideal opportunity to write. Being Dyslexic, books are not something I take part in often, reading and writing are not my strong point so this is a bit of a proud moment for me personally,  that's not to say Dyslexia has been a major issue in my life, after all it made me become more hands on in life and I suppose circumstances have lead me into the world of Adventure Activities. Whether it was the total isolation, including no phone or internet service that did it or actual events in the woods, it was decided that the book was going to be about the daily goings on in the woods and the friendships forged with Quackers and the many woodland creatures.....including fairies and elves. The book "Quackers and the feather fairies" is a heart warming glimpse into the life of this wonderful little girl. You can follow Quackers Adventures on Instagram or FaceBook.

What's planned for the future? well, I recon the future is bright. The past twelve months has been tough on everyone in some way, shape or form, some have had it a lot worse than others that has to be said. How has it been for us? Financially, we are not in a good place, but we have used the time to keep a positive mindset and to focus on the things in life that sometimes we take for granted. In 2019 we had big plans for Adventure21 and had increased our activities list to include Archery Tag, Axe throwing and Catapulting. 2020 was to be our 20th Anniversary year which we intended to celebrate with a birthday party. Twenty years of adventures is something to celebrate, but hey, I suppose we should celebrate everyday.

We aim to open up again in late March 2021 and bookings are now being taken through our WEBSITE its never been easier as we now take online BOOKINGS with a link from most pages. If you are like me and like to talk to someone you can give us a call on 01257474467, if we are unable to answer for any reason please leave a message and we will call you straight back. You can also get updates of activities through our social media plat forms as we still update on Instagram and FaceBook

Will this be the first and last Blog of 2021?? that is yet to be seen, but as part of my positive outlook I'm going to do two things right now... one, promise myself that we will sell one million copies of Quackers book and then buy her a van to travel around the country doing book signings and two, keep up more informative blogs to motivate people to get out and about that little bit more this year.

One final note, if your interested in reading a little bit more about Quackers, Adventure21 and me, Dave Firth you can have a read of a recent Blog from Alison Winword Just scroll to the bottom of the page, find the Occasional Blog section and click on One man and his... duck

All the very best to anyone reading, call us for a chat about anything and stay positive, Thank you, Dave

Friday 11 November 2016

A very quick view from the summit of Coniston Old man

Energize your team with a summit walk of one of the many fantastic mountain walks in the Lake District. Its a great way to get your team communicating whilst taking part in a great day out.